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[2023 WAEC ENGLISH QUESTION] Toilet facilities are terrible, sanitation is non-existent and. communicable diseases have become rampant. Write a letter to the commissioner of health listing the causes of this terrible situation and their solutions. [READ THE ANSWER]

[2023 WAEC GCE Second Series Question] Your sister is coming back from abroad. Write a letter to her telling her about the hardship/problems or latest stories in the country. [READ THE ANSWER]

[1999 WAEC ENGLISH QUESTION] There was a riot in your school resulting in extensive damage and the Ministry of Education ordered your school to be shut down. Write a letter to the Commissioner for Education, explaining the causes of the disturbance and appealing for the school to be reopened. [READ THE ANSWER]

Question: Based on the security challenges write a letter to the principal of your school advising him or her on the measures to be taken to secure the school, staff and the entire students. [READ THE ANSWER]

2016 WAEC English Question: A friend of yours wants to study in your school and has written to you for information and advice. Write a reply to him, telling him all that he needs to know about the school. READ THE ANSWER

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Notes on WAEC Letter Writing Questions and Answers

  • WAEC often repeats questions.
  • If you can study all the letters and essays here, you will surely come across one or two in the examination.
  • Every year, each of the five questions in Section 1 of the Theory Paper comes from these areas:
  1. Formal letter
  2. Informal letter
  3. Story telling
  4. Article writing
  5. Argumentative essay
  • They are assigned equal marks so you can pick any one to write on.
  • This means that you can make a choice now to write an informal letter on the examination day. So, you can keep practicing informal letters until you get all the rules to perfection.
  • If you can perform well in the WAEC letter writing section, that is section one of the Theory Paper, as well as comprehension and summary, you will be halfway to passing the WAEC English Language examination with a good grade.


                                                                                                    35 West Avenue
                                                                                          21st February, 2000

Dear Uncle Jide,

I hope my letter meets you well. How is Jide Jnr’s performance at school? Please tell him that I am expecting a very high score in the forthcoming end-of-year examinations. I will buy the Maltese dog he has been asking for as a pet. I have been saving continuously for it and I won’t break my promise to him.

Uncle Jide, the purpose of my letter is to bring a certain problem in the family to your notice. I know you are aware of the issue but you may not know that this nagging problem has defied all solutions in the past five years when the family first mediated on it.

As you know, my grandfather, your father, left a big house to his sons comprising my father, you, and Uncle Yemi. While you were away studying in the United Kingdom, the house fell into ruins. Since my father was the one sponsoring your education, he could not also raise the funds required to renovate the house. Therefore, Uncle Yemi took it upon himself to rebuild and restructure it to modern standards.

As the new house has been unoccupied for several years, my father being the eldest son, decided that the house should be leased out to tenants. However, Uncle Yemi declined, claiming that the house belongs to him now. My father offered to reimburse the amount Uncle Yemi spent but he refused.

Many uncles and aunties from the extended family have come to appeal to Uncle Yemi to accept my father’s offer and allow peace to reign. But Uncle Yemi has remained adamant that the property is his to dispose of as he sees fit.

This has caused a lot of bad blood within the family with people forced to take sides with either my father or Uncle Yemi. It has been five years and still no solution. Uncle, although you are the youngest of the siblings, everyone knows how responsible and collected you are. Uncle Yemi adores you because he was the one who helped your mother by being your babysitter. He listens to you and prefers not to make you unhappy.

Therefore, I appeal to you to call and talk to him on this issue. This is because he is threatening to go to court on the matter.

Thank you and best wishes to my aunt, your wife, and my cousins.

                                                                                            Your nephew,

Important Points to Note

In the letter above, you will notice that it has:

1. an informal greeting asking about the receiver’s son’s well-being. This is suitable for an informal letter.

2. five paragraphs with each outlining a problem as required by the question.

3. a conclusion, where the writer summarizes by appealing for intervention from his uncle.

4. the tone is friendly

5. no signature because informal letters should not have signatures.

6. Always remember that whichever essay or letter writing question you choose, your answer must NOT BE LESS THAN 450 WORDS.

WAEC Letter Writing Question

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Example of a Formal Letter (2000 WAEC English Question)

Write a letter to the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency in your country complaining about the environmental pollution of your area and requesting urgent action be taken to improve the situation.                                                                                     

WAEC letter writing question

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