This page will be treating past WAEC English questions and providing answers to the questions.


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is one of the examination bodies vested with the responsibility of conducting examinations for students at the end of their secondary education. WAEC also makes provision for private candidates who have left the school system but wish to retake the examinations to enable them obtain the necessary grades required for admission to tertiary education.

As mandated by the existing curriculum, English Language is a compulsory subject which must be written and passed for consideration in higher levels of education.

We shall be checking questions from the past WAEC English questions and providing guidelines and notes on correctly answering these questions. Answers to the essay and letter writing questions will also be given.

Let’s begin.

Table of Content

  1. WAEC 1998 English Language Theory Question
  2. Notes on Question
  3. Sample Answer to Past WAEC English Question
  4. Conclusion

WAEC 1998 English Language Theory Question

  1. You have been sent on an indefinite suspension for the part you played in a recent disturbance in which valuable school property was damaged. Write a letter to the principal of your school describing the part you played and apologizing for your involvement.

Notes on Question

After reading the question, you must understand that:

  1. This is a formal letter.
  2. A formal letter must have two addresses (you can use your school’s address for you, the writer, and also use it for the recipient, the principal).
  3. It should have the title or name of the recipient.
  4. You should include a date of writing.
  5. You should identify the different areas to be addressed in the question. In this particular question:
    • Narrate the back story to the disturbance; a disturbance cannot happen without a reason.
    • Describe the part you played in the disturbance
    • Apologise for your involvement
  6. As a general rule, always be precise and go straight to the point.

Sample Answer to Past WAEC English Question

Letter of Apology

Letter of Apology 2


And that’s an example of how to write a letter of apology and also answers one of the past WAEC English questions, specifically for the June 1998 examination for school candidates.

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