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How to write a letter notifying an employee of increment of salary

For those of us who work in managerial positions, or are employers of labour, a time may come, in the course of our duties, when we are asked, or find it necessary to write a letter to an employee, notifying him of management’s decision to increase his salary.

This is a happy occasion, unlike a termination of employment, therefore, the person tasked with this responsibility would be happy to carry it out promptly.

Here are steps to writing this type of letter. Attached below is a sample.

How to write a letter notifying employee of upward salary review (increment)

How to write a letter notifying employee of upward salary review (increment)

  1. Recognise that this is a formal letter.

    Formal letters require two addresses, namely, the address of the writer, and the address of the recipient. The company’s letterhead should be used. Remember to include a date and the receiver’s address on the left side.Address part of formal letter

  2. Subject matter

    The next step is to write the subject matter of the letter. In this case the subject would be “Notice of Increment of Salary”.

  3. Content of letter

    The content of the letter will follow immediately. It is best to go straight to the point and give information as to what the letter seeks to address. There is no need to engage in elaborate explanations or reasons. A good first paragraph will be written as follows:

  4. Pay attention to details

    A letter notifying employee of increment in salary is a legal document so pay attention to details. Specify exactly by how much the salary has been increased both in words and in figures. Remember to write the date the increase will come into effect. pay attention to details

  5. Conclusion

    The next paragraph can conclude the letter. You may use it to call on the employee to make improvements if necessary, or encourage the employee to continue working hard to attract more rewards. salary increment

  6. Final step

    The last step is to close with your name, signature and designation.

The letter is shown below.

How to write letter of increment of salary


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