How Music Stars Chose Their Names

They say clothes do not make the man but surely there’s something in a name? Music artistes have to be careful how they choose their monikers so that when their careers blossom they won’t be stuck with names that sound like a trader’s signboard in Onitsha market. Below are stage names of some Nigerian music … Read more

Michael Jackson Appears In Olamide’s Woske

michael jackson olamide woske

Olamide drags Michael Jackson from the after-life to come and party in ‘Woske‘. Although the King of Pop has his hands full with documentaries and court cases, he was gracious enough to make an appearance. We see him dancing shaku shaku and doing the zanku legwork. Oh wait, that was really Olamide channeling Michael Jackson … Read more

King Monada Charms Us In Malwedhe

king monada charms malwedhe

King Monada‘s boy-next-door smile charms and keeps us hooked to the Malwedhe music video. But his silly love interest is unimpressed and does not share the same sentiment as us. She rejects our boy’s proposal despite his pleadings to be careful with his heart because he’s prone to fainting spells. Our Score: (1) Pushing the … Read more

Chinko Ekun “Wants This Money!” in Able God

“Able God” music video sees Chinko Ekun singing from the same music sheet almost every Nigerian musician has been using of late. He tells God that “We WANT this money!” The video has the usual suspects: the broke boyfriend, frenzied dancing, the idiot boy in dreadlocks going girlfriend surfing in church, more dancing and the … Read more

Music Video Review: Case by Teni

Case by Teni

So our video of the week starts with Teni the entertainer drooling over her personal shrine of her hot crush. She’s the true definition of a stalker as she and her friends follow the guy all over the place until he gets in the way of a thug who punches him for his trouble. True … Read more

Best of Nigerian Music 2018

Best of Nigerian Music 2018

It’s the end of the year and everyone is making lists of events and things of 2018. Dictionaries are naming words of the year and corporations have found one year end thing or the other to promote their brand with. So in the spirit of Pantone announcing a “colour of the year”, here’s our random … Read more