About Us

My friends and relatives like to ask me to read their writings and modify them where necessary. They are always happy with my corrections and recommendations.

It occurred to me that other people may like directions on how to write their essays and letters.

This space was created to provide as many resources as possible to help both the student and non-student grasp the fundamentals of writing for their final year examinations, or for everyday communication.

To get writing prompts for the essays and letters, I checked past questions on English Language for the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted in West Africa by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). WAEC is a respected examination body which coordinates and supervises the examination for the purposes of grading students’ performance in different final year level subjects for secondary education.

English Language is one of the two mandatory subjects that must be passed to satisfy the requirements for advancing to the tertiary level of education. Practice makes perfect, therefore, you are welcome to try out the quizzes or study the rules of writing. You can also work on your creative writing skills by reading the many articles and essays on this website.


Masha’s View is not affiliated to or endorsed by the West African Examinations Council, or other national examination bodies. The samples of essays and letters provided here are for guidance and practice purposes only.

Questionnaires and Surveys

A section of the website has questionnaires aimed at gathering information for research purposes. Interested parties may visit the page for data on various topical issues ranging from knowledge of medical histories to population matters, etc. Participants will be rewarded with a token payment for their engagement, subject to terms and conditions.

Opinions and Views

To practice my writing skills, I also created a blog within the site, where I give my opinions and views on trending topics of importance to society. Sometimes I do this satirically, sometimes I don’t.

I also write on familiar topics which I believe may be helpful to someone out there. These subject matters include sickle cell diet, making our homes greener with fruit trees and herbs, and helping our children learn some basic, positive financial principles.

Contact Us

If you have questions on writing, please send a mail to studentswritinghelp@yahoo.com or join the discussion on our X (Twitter) page.

Thank you for visiting.