Surveys and Questionnaires

Researchers, policy makers, etc, often require field data to understand the background of their target audiences or beneficiaries.

As the world speedily develops especially technology-wise, information from various sources is easily available, leaving more and more people with different layers of misinformation.

Aside from incorrect information, it has been advanced that socio-cultural practices have impacts on the manner with which communities approach such issues as sickness, medical treatments, death, etc. Therefore, to achieve success in these areas, an understanding of socio-cultural norms is necessary and important.

Topical issues such as population, leadership, migration, drug abuse, are examined in the various questionnaires.

The questionnaires on this page seek to find out the extent of the misinformation, or otherwise in the populace. Is there a particular demography that records a higher level of the absence of correct information? Is this situation by choice, due to cultural practices or a lack of information dissemination apparatus?

Such viewpoints are crucial in understanding the reasons and forces behind actions and inaction of the members of society on any given issue.

We invite you to sign up and participate in the various surveys and fill out the questionnaires. This will help to provide a better understanding of societal issues including medical and social issues, etc. Participants will earn an amount which they can withdraw when it reaches the threshold for withdrawal. Kindly read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before you begin.

Interested researchers are at liberty to view the results of the questionnaires to further aid them in their research objectives.

giving answers on sickle cell

Get paid as you check your knowledge of the Sickle Cell Disease by answering this questionnaire.

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