Fruits are an important addition to our diet and that is why it would be handy to have these six useful and small-sized fruit trees at home.

We must consume fruits daily to get the necessary nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Aside from being tasty and pleasant to look at in their wide variety of colours, fruits are also easily digestible. Sometimes, a fruit may be the only food a patient recovering from illness can eat.

However, some factors limit our access to, and consumption of fruits. These factors include cost, hygiene, and general safety.

Although fresh fruits are seasonal, there are so many of them that there is always one fruit or the other available in any given month. Despite the above, fruits are expensive causing some to see them as a luxury. Also, how vendors handle the fruits raises questions about hygiene.

Some fruit growers and resellers have been accused of unethical and dangerous practices such as powdering bananas and plantains with chemicals to enable them to ripen quickly and evenly. Covering apples in wax to extend their shelf life, exposing mangoes to dirty surfaces, etc., is why you should consider planting these six useful and small-sized fruit trees at home.

Plant Any of These Six Useful and Small-Sized Fruit Trees Today

However tiny your compound is, you can find an equally tiny space to plant a fruit tree. By so doing you will be helping yourself with access to fresh fruits every day as well as providing shade to lounge outside on hot, sunny days. The environment will also benefit from having trees around to absorb excess carbon dioxide which is one of the factors driving climate change.

These six selected useful and small-sized fruit trees don’t grow very big so they can be accommodated around your home.

1. Orange tree

Orange is one of the most common fruits available. It can be found all year round although it has its season.

The good thing about orange trees is that they don’t grow very big and wide. Their roots are not invasive to damage a compound’s walls and foundation.

Oranges can be eaten alone or blended with other fruits to make refreshing drinks at any time of the day.

One orange tree can provide hundreds of fruits when in season. The trees begin fruiting in as little as three years. Some genetically modified versions may start fruiting earlier than that.

Orange trees are perennials and will remain productive for years. Oranges contain plentiful Vitamin C and a lot of fibre which aids in digestion.

Plant one orange tree today and enjoy unlimited access to vitamin C as well as other benefits.

Six Useful Small Sized Fruit Trees to have at home

2. Pawpaw tree

A Pawpaw tree is another useful healthy and handy fruit tree to plant around your house.

This is because Pawpaw trees don’t grow very big and will not encroach and cause inconvenience in the compound.

Pawpaw trees are slender and do not form intricate and extensive branches. They grow and mature quickly. In as little as 18 months a Pawpaw tree would have fruits ready for harvest.

A Pawpaw tree planted in a fertile and conducive environment can remain productive for more than a couple of years.


3. Sour Sop tree

Sour Sop is a delicious, creamy fruit with the seeming ability to have an instant cooling effect on the consumer.

This fruit is attributed with many nutritional values as well as medicinal properties. It is a very useful fruit tree to have around the house.

More importantly, the Sour Sop tree is moderately sized although it can also grow tall. It is a perennial plant that matures quickly and produces plentiful fruits when in season.

4. Guava tree

The Guava tree is another useful fruit tree to have around the house. The tree does not grow very big and would not be obstructive in the compound.

The tree bears orange-sized fruits or smaller, which are crunchy and tangy to taste. Like the orange tree, you can trust the Guava tree to always have one fruit or two to offer even when not in season.

Six Useful Small-Sized Fruit Trees to Have at Home

5. Cashew tree

The Cashew tree can grow very big but it can be controlled and restricted to a moderate size.

This tree blooms and fruits in early December, producing juicy, red and yellow coloured fruits from January to late early March.

Unlike the Guava and Orange trees that faithfully produce even when out of season, the Cashew tree’s production is limited to its season.

However, this does not reduce its desirability as a useful fruit tree to have around the house.

Six Useful Small-Sized Fruit Trees to Have at Home

6. Mango tree

The fruit of this tree is a favourite of many. There are several varieties of mangos but all have a delicious fleshy outside that can be blended or juiced on its own or with a combination of other fruits.

Mango fruits have a lot of fibre as well as vitamins that make them a healthy snack. The Mango tree grows very big and tall but some are small or can be groomed to a moderate size.

Although Mango trees fruit seasonally, they are among the most useful and small-sized fruit trees to plant at home.

Six Useful Small-Sized Fruit Trees to Have at Home


Having a fruit tree around the house can lend a helping hand in so many ways. Imagine coming home to a nice, fresh bowl of mangos or oranges straight from the tree! You don’t have to worry about chemicals and additives to the fruits.

Even if you are short on money you can still get a portion of your required daily intake of vitamins from the fruit tree you planted in your home. And speaking of low finance, when in season, an orange or cashew tree can produce hundreds of fruits which is another way to make extra money!

What other fruit trees are small enough to be planted at home?

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