A little additional cash can only be good so here are six proven ways to make extra money in Nigeria that anyone can take advantage of.

Many successful people have maintained that the secret to staying ahead of poverty is having different income streams.

A lot of people think these sources of income have to be one high-value business endeavor or the other. However, this is not the case as there are opportunities for income generation lurking even in our backyards.

Some of these money-making ventures do not require much physical or mental effort on our part (although you need to be at the top of your bargaining game). To make it even more appealing and doable, the ventures don’t require any capital to start off.

Examples of these proven ways to make extra money in Nigeria include recycling consumer materials.

Recycling used consumer items might be one of the best-kept secrets in the country. People clutter their homes or throw out items they no longer find useful. These items are picked up by scavengers who often sell them for a pretty penny to recycling companies.

You can cut out the middleman, sell directly to the companies, and get some money.

Here are some items that you can sell for recycling and make extra money in Nigeria.

1.           Anything made of Iron

2.           Used Water Sachets

3.           Empty Water Bottles

4.           Paper

5.           Cartons from Purchases You Make

6.           Children’s Old Clothes

1. Anything made of Iron

Anything made of iron that you are no longer using can be sold for recycling. These include beds (you know those spring beds from boarding school back in the day?), car parts that have worn out and been replaced, umbrella spokes, cooking pots, drums, chicken house nets, rods, zinc, TVs, printers, DVD players, etc. Just about anything that has iron as a component. These also include empty canned drink containers and others.

The recycling companies, or the middlemen who source for items, value iron materials more than the rest, so put your foot down and get a good bargain, and make some extra money!

2. Sell Used Water Sachets

Did you know that empty sachets of water littering and polluting the environment can be disposed of properly? They can actually be recycled by you while making some extra money at the same time? All you have to do is store your empty water sachets and when it is a reasonable quantity you can approach a recycling point and sell your stash for some extra money. You can see the recycling points scattered around your neighbourhood. You may not have noticed their presence before, but now that you are looking you will be sure to see them.

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3. Sell Empty Water Bottles

Empty water bottles can be sold to market women and cooking oil vendors. Packaging oil for resale in nylon bags as was the case before can be pretty messy. Therefore, this category of people is always in need of clean water bottles to keep their goods for resale. This is safer, neater, and much more convenient than the previous method of pouring the oil into a nylon bag for a customer. However, one drawback to this method is the lack of access to clean bottles as the market people made do with scavengers bringing bottles from questionable and unhygienic places to resale to the marketers.

This problem can be solved if you sell your empty water bottles to the market people. That way, you will earn some extra money and also contribute to cleaner and healthier purchases from the market.

4. Sell Paper

Since paper comes from an exhaustible natural resource, it is one item that can benefit tremendously from recycling, and you get to make extra money as well!

You can sell old newspapers, shredded paper, mistakes from printing, and your children’s school notes from their lower-level classes. Also, textbooks from the lower classes can be sold as well. This is because children work out assignments in textbooks therefore it is not useful as a hand-me-down.

5. Sell Cartons from Purchases You Make

This one is popular and easy to access! We buy consumables packed in cartons regularly. What happens after we eagerly remove the contents of the cartons? Most people throw the cartons in the trash or burn them. What they don’t know is that such cartons can be resold for recycling! Also, Cartons are made from wood pulp; therefore, recycling these items will help to preserve the forests for a longer period. This would also contribute to helping the ozone layer and by extension, helping the environment.

Cartons are in high demand for recycling. So when you finish unpacking your goods from a carton, do not throw away or burn the carton. Keep it safe and contact any of the recycle points for purchase and a little extra money in your pocket!

6 proven ways to make extra money in Nigeria

6. Sell your children’s old clothes

That lovely suit Junior wore for his graduation from primary to secondary school is no longer useful to you. Junior can’t wear it again because he has long outgrown it. And suits don’t exactly make reasonable additions to clothes for goodwill (charity).

So why not sell the barely worn suit to some other mother who is desperately in need of it, and make some extra money while you are at it?

In Conclusion

Income from these sources enumerated above may appear to be insignificant. However, this type of money can be used to meet one minor need or another such as purchasing groceries, fruits, etc. Also, that seemingly small change can be given to the children to save which would serve to teach them financial responsibility.

So, start now to look out for, and keep these items aside for sale at recycling points instead of just throwing them out and possibly littering the environment. By recycling materials, we help to reduce the rate at which natural resources are depleted and conserve the environment all while making some extra money for ourselves.

Are there some other items that can be sold to make extra money in Nigeria? Please share with us below.

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