Question: How do I write a letter to the bank requesting to close my former account and transfer the balance in that account to my new account?

It may not be ideal to operate two bank accounts with the same bank. Therefore, if such a situation arises, it would be in the best interest of the account holder to harmonize the different bank accounts.
If you find yourself in this position, the appropriate initial step to follow would be to approach the nearest branch of the bank in question to make an official request for rectifying the problem.
Upon receipt of the report from you, the bank will ask for the request to be put in writing. Here are some steps to follow in writing the letter.
  1. This is a formal letter; therefore the rules of writing formal letters will apply. You will write the letter with two addresses, namely, your address and the name or title of the person receiving the letter on behalf of the bank, as well as the bank’s address. Also include a date for future reference.

2. You can open with a salutation such as “Dear sir”, before writing the subject matter of the letter. The subject matter should be “Application for Harmonisation of Accounts”.

3. The first paragraph of the letter should serve to introduce or explain your reason for writing.

4. You should give more details in the second paragraph and formally present your request.

5. You can conclude the letter with an expression of appreciation in the third paragraph.

6. Close the letter with your surname as well as first name and leave room for your signature.

Below is the letter.


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