To be clear, we are not Daddy Freeze codedly masquerading as an unsolicited online opinion giver.

Although anyone who knows Daddy Freeze knows that he’s not the anonymous type and might actually be former President Obasanjo’s clone because he relishes in gladly letting everyone know that “Daddy Freeze was here!” same as Obasanjo.

Churches tithes and Daddy Freeze

Where there’s ranting against payment of tithes, there’s Daddy Freeze. Image Source:

For those who were born two seconds ago; Daddy Freeze is the nemesis of pastors. To put it plainly; Daddy Freeze is like Blade, and he won’t stop till he gets all them pastors!

Tithes (and Daddy Freeze!)

No, we are not digressing. We want to talk about churches and tithes and Daddy Freeze and ranting against payment of tithes are like pounded yam and vegetable soup; where there’s one, there’s likely to be the other.

Payment of tithes; to be or not to be

When it comes to the payment of tithes most people don’t dilly dally like Hamlet asking to be or not to be. They carry out their tithing duties like clockwork. But the question of whether tithes should be paid to churches, which monies invariably end up solely with the Pastors/owners of the Churches, or should be paid to the poor, or not paid at all, has always been there.

Daddy Freeze has helped to fan the embers of doubt by consistently arguing against the payment of tithes to Churches.

What is a tithe?

According to, a biblical tithe is one tenth of your income which, in the Old Testament, was used to support the priests.

By all means pay tithes

Paying tithes and sowing seed is good. Most pastors don’t relent in teaching about paying tithes accurately and on time. And the congregation follows these instructions religiously. Some churches even keep a little booklet for recording tithe payments.

Imagine if pastors insisted on payment of taxes as they do tithes?

As we said here, a greater percentage of the populace goes to church every Sunday. Imagine the difference in the country’s fortunes if every church mandates the payment of taxes to government, the same way they insist on payment of tithes. Click To Tweet

“With much power comes much responsibility”

The idea that churches should mention payment of taxes in the same breath as payment of tithes is not crazy at all.

Church members follow their leaders like “sheeple” (Daddy Freeze’s favourite word of course). Which makes the Church very powerful indeed. And “with great power comes great responsibility”.

As much as we would like to claim this very deep quote, alas it did not come from us. And we can’t credit that tormentor of the Roman Catholic church Voltaire, either because he’s not in a blockbuster movie we like.

This quote’s origins can be traced to one of the greatest philosophers of our time namely, Spiderman’s Uncle Ben.

Uncle Ben was a great philosopher Image source Wikipedia

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