Olamide drags Michael Jackson from the after-life to come and party in ‘Woske‘.

Although the King of Pop has his hands full with documentaries and court cases, he was gracious enough to make an appearance.

We see him dancing shaku shaku and doing the zanku legwork.

Oh wait, that was really Olamide channeling Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal.

“He try,” nodded the King of Pop.

Our Score:

(1) Pushing the envelope: 20/20

Did you not read that the King of Pop said he tried?

(2) Craze quotient: 15/20

A couple of wigs took flight in the video, but that was all the craziness we saw.

(3) Arouse emotions (laughter, sadness, anger, etc): 20/20

For a moment we remembered that move in Smooth Criminal. And it was a good moment.

(4) “We did not see that coming” ending: 10/20

Olamide likes to go farther with his music videos than the rest. But was there a beginning to birth an ending in this one? We don’t think so.

(5) Celebrity Cameo(s): 20/20

It’s Michael Jackson people! Ok, so it was Olamide in an ill-fitting white suit, but still. He gets top marks for bringing back the King of Pop.

Total Score: 85/100 (You don’t expect anything less when the King of Pop himself makes an appearance?!)

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