Are Nigerian pastors safeguarding the spirituality of Christians in their domains?

A middle aged acquaintance once had an altercation with a younger man. The issue was that the middle-aged man had paid a huge sum of money to the younger man. The money was for “logistics” to ensure the older man’s son passed the secondary school final exams in the younger man’s “school”.

The man was furious because the son had failed the compulsory English Language. He threatened to handover the younger man to the police.

Get this; this middle aged man is a “pastor”.

What do Christians hear in churches every Sunday?

Apart from Falz the bahd guy and a few other folks, every other person who identifies as Christian makes it a duty to attend Church services at least once a week.

Nigerian pastors failing Christians

Falz may not be in church always but he’s doing his bit for a better society

What do these Christians hear in Church? Is it talk about how channeling money meant for equipping a government hospital or school into your own pocket cannot be excused with “na where person dey work na im he dey chop” mantra?

Or are the Sunday talks only about God promoting you while killing those who want your downfall? Do church goers only hear about destiny helpers locating them and providing divine favour?

Where are the spirits?

The question of whether pastors are failing in their duty to safeguard the spiritual well being of Christians needs to be asked. Because it is not spirits that are padding budgets and inflating government contracts,

It is not foreigners that pay for special exam centres for their children. Neither are foreigners collecting “egunje” aka bribe for any kind of service rendered. It is so bad that a frustrated Richard Branson pulled the Virgin Nigeria project!

To whom shall we go?

If pastors are really carrying out their responsibility to protect the spiritual welfare of Nigerians, the percentage of ignorant folks harvesting human parts for rituals would be zero.

If pastors actually concentrated on the spiritual welfare of Christians then that women’s fellowship leader would not cheat by passing government prepaid electricity meters.

Where are Nigerian pastors when Christians justify immoral behavior with “na where person dey work na im he dey chop”, “chop-I-chop” and all kinds of devious mantra?

Are congregants unteachable?

In effect, if the spiritual welfare of Christians is a JAMB examination paper Nigerian pastors will score zero percent.

So we respectfully ask; are congregants dunces and can’t learn, or are you all teaching the wrong thing?

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