King Monada‘s boy-next-door smile charms and keeps us hooked to the Malwedhe music video.

But his silly love interest is unimpressed and does not share the same sentiment as us. She rejects our boy’s proposal despite his pleadings to be careful with his heart because he’s prone to fainting spells.

Our Score:

(1) Pushing the envelope: 25/20

This video birthed a dance movement that swept across the continent much like gangnam style. Awesome! (And no, that score is not a mistake; it’s our blog and our opinion so we can write anything we want!)

(2) Craze quotient: 20/20

So many shenanigans; we don’t even know where to begin.

(3) Arouse emotions (laughter, sadness, anger, etc): 20/20

We still can’t get over the sight of King Monada toppling over to the ground after getting rejected!

(4) “We did not see that coming” ending: 15/20

Even though the lyrics of the song was pointing to this ending, we are still very angry at that girl!

(5) Celebrity Cameo(s): 5/20

We did not see any. Not that we would know if we did.

Total Score: 85/100 (One of the best so far!)

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