To be honest, 2018 was a bad year financially for me. I have mentioned here, how I was unable to pay end-of-year bonus to my staff. This is happening for the first time in the company’s seven years of existence.

One staff still gives me dirty looks when she thinks my face is turned. She’s unaware that I actually feel terrible about this development.

At first I thought the competition was outplaying me. Then I went round and discovered some of them sleeping on their desks.

Where did my buying power go?

So I went back and cut all expenses yet the ends are not meeting. My buying power is greatly reduced.

I earn the same amount as before. The consumables I use for my business remains the same. What has changed is the amount that I spend on those consumables. It has almost tripled!

It’s like deja vu

President Buhari’s administration claims to be setting things straight. To make some gains, there have to be some pains, the government tells us. I agree with them.

But somehow, this feels like deja vu. have we not been here before? Did we not recollect how our parents were told to tighten their belts so their children would have a better life?

The “better life” part obviously did not work out. Because here I am, the child that was talked about, still in the same quagmire our parents were caught up in?

Is President Buhari’s administration making any gains?

If I wanted some outlandishly priced designer item, I wouldn’t mind depriving myself to get it. While I suffer, I will have the thought of my reward to console me.

So also will the thought of my children enjoying good roads comfort me. Well-equipped hospitals and standard educational facilities will make up for whatever insufficiency I have to bear now.

This brings me to my question. Is President Buhari’s administration making any gains? And even more importantly, what structures are in place to safeguard these gains?

Because as far as I know, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria specifies only two terms for the office of president. So President Buhari cannot be in charge ad infinitum.

We may choose to make him gateman-emeritus of the national treasury. However, the law of nature stipulates that all living things must pass away.

In summary, are we suffering now to enjoy later?

So I repeat. What structures have President Buhari’s administration put in place to safeguard whatever gains it’s making?

Are we suffering now to enjoy later? Or is it the usual case of pulling wool over our eyes?

Please help and mention some of these gains so I’ll feel better about not giving bonuses? Thanks.

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