Able God” music video sees Chinko Ekun singing from the same music sheet almost every Nigerian musician has been using of late. He tells God that “We WANT this money!”

The video has the usual suspects: the broke boyfriend, frenzied dancing, the idiot boy in dreadlocks going girlfriend surfing in church, more dancing and the like.

The video is funny and engaging. And it achieves all these with no half naked twerking bum-bums in sight.

Chinko Ekun wants money in Able God

Chinko Ekun prays it up in Able GodOur Score:

(1) Pushing the envelope: 10/20

“Able God” music video follows most of the rules in the ‘making Nigerian music videos playbook”. So, no surprises.

(2) Craze quotient: 15/20

Rumour has it that they stormed a church to shoot the music video without permission.

(3) Arouse emotions (laughter, sadness, anger, etc): 20/20

The deadbeat boyfriend dreading the visit to the ATM and Zlatan Ibile‘s legwork is the right stuff.

(4) “We did not see that coming!” ending: 10/20

Obviously, Chinko Ekun’s prayer came to fruition as “Able God” has been zankuing on music charts for weeks now.

(5) Celebrity Cameo(s): 20/20

Who would have thought that anyone could upstage Zlatan at the dance style he invented but music artiste Terry Apala succeeds in doing just that (at 2mins 44 secs in video).

Total Score: 70/100 (It seems you can’t go wrong with a bit of Zanku and Terry Apala in the mix)

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