Olamide’s “Poverty Die” Music Video Review: Epic Dance-Pray Off

The blasted host/server issues ruined my calendar and I don’t even know when I’m supposed to post a music video review.

Anyway, today we are watching as Olamide claps poverty to death in the video for “Poverty Die”.

If you’ve never seen members of a white garment church dance-pray the devil out, friend, you need to add it to your to-do list. Olamide and his crew, with a little help from actress Eniola Badmus, do a good job of recreating it. It’s a super hilarious, billowing white gowns, twisting bodies in an all-out clap-fest.

But then, it becomes more sinister when Olamide shows up in a room full of masked young men, each sitting before a LAPTOP(!) as Olamide keeps insisting on making poverty “japa”(that is slang for run or leave).

Olamide Poverty Die Music Review
Olamide and his laptop wielding, poverty chasing warriors.

Please tell us Olamide, how exactly are you going to japa poverty with laptops? Hope it is not what we are thinking?

Our Score:

(1) Pushing the envelope: 10/20

Olamide doesn’t mind throwing himself in the mix of controversial social issues. But in 2018, he received a lot of heat for “Logo Benz”, a track that seemingly accommodated the commission of an outright crime. In “Poverty Die”, he has a bunch of laptops and young men (not a good sign).

(2) Craze quotient: 15/20

Angering members of white garment churches? Check!

(3) Arouse emotions (laughter, sadness, anger, etc): 15/20

We would watch it again and again just to see the dance-pray/clap-fest!

(4) “We did not see that coming!” ending: 10/20

You got the money by the end of the video so no surprises there, unlike Teni the entertainer who received a shock at the end of her own video.

(5) Celebrity Cameo(s): 15/20

If we blink, we would totally miss Eniola Badmus’ appearance.

Total Score: 65/100 (Not bad for a dance-pray off!)

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