It appears that former President Olusegun Obasanjo‘s already obese portfolio of intimidating accomplishments of authorfirst PhD holder from the largest University in Nigeria and West Africa, former Head of State and President, self-appointed Superhero, etc, now also includes the awesome power of predicting the future!

Because barely seven days after he read his 16 page address/mini-novel to journalists, in which he accused President Buhari of copying from the dictatorial playbook of his late bestest friend and former boss, General Sani Abacha, President Buhari went ahead to “suspend” the Nigerian Constitution (which is what all dictators do) in order to remove the Chief Justice of the Federation.

It is either Chief Obasanjo has the gift of seeing the future, or he has some really efficient aproko spies roaming the halls of Aso Rock and beyond!

Abeg if it is the former sir, can you please tell us what will happen on February 16, so that some of us can continue with our lives?

Because business is stalling as customers are saying they prefer to wait till after elections to do business. But my belle cannot wait till then. Thank you in advance sir!

Chief Obasanjo Predict Future

Image Source: Africa Independent Television




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