Sayonara to Servers from Hell!

So I woke up early in January to see my brand new, shiny website offline.

And day after frustrating day, it stayed that way with the hosts claiming Server maintenance.

I thought seriously of the so-called “village people” aka, witches and wizards. But what would a witch residing in the village that I have not been to for nearly ten years want with my obscure little website of mirages and unsolicited opinions.

But I also remembered that everything happens for a reason.

However, what reason could the fates possibly have for shutting me down before I even started?

Or does my crashed website have nothing to do with village people or the fates, but everything to do with an incompetent company providing shoddy services?

I’m thinking it is very much the latter. Seriously! I’m binding and casting servers from the middle ages ruining my momentum this early morning of 2019. Maybe you ARE the village people? In fact, I’m hereby laying hands on my website, that it may never cross paths with servers/hosts/whatever from hell!

ciao adios.

Sayonara Servers from Hell

It’s time to go our separate ways; it’s not us, It’s YOU!

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