Music Video Review: Case by Teni

So our video of the week starts with Teni the entertainer drooling over her personal shrine of her hot crush.

She’s the true definition of a stalker as she and her friends follow the guy all over the place until he gets in the way of a thug who punches him for his trouble.

True to her word that she would “slap agbero for your case”, Teni then waylays the thug and panelbeats him thoroughly as payback for daring to lay a finger on her heartthrob.

But our dear Teni is shocked out of her bandana upon coming back from the smackdown and seeing her heart’s desire going away with a pretty girl.

Sorry Teni. But your cutie pie is blissfully unaware that you are crushing hard on him. Also, do you not think that your ability to beat up an agbero might be scary to ANY guy?

Our Score:

(1) Pushing the envelope: 10/20

It’s a regular love song with a regular video.

(2) Craze quotient: 20/20

A girl posse stalking a hot guy? Awesome!

(3) Arouse emotions (laughter, sadness, anger, etc): 20/20

She actually beat up the agbero!

(4) “We did not see that coming” ending: 20/20

Where did that pretty girl come from all of a sudden to hijack Teni’s man?!

(5) Celebrity Cameo(s): 5/20

We did not see any. Although to be fair, the only celebrity our eyes care to recognize is the very scrumptious Jon Ogar!

Total Score: 75/100 (Excellent!)

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