Make 2019 A Year To Remember For Good

2019 Remember Good

First comes Joy, then all else follows

A new year begins, with all the promise that it brings.

For some of us it is an opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning, and perhaps, a wonderful new life!

It is within your power to make 2019 a year to remember for good. Despite the challenges that may come your way, you can still find means to thrive.

You should focus on the positive things that bring you Joy, and let go of any negative habits that can destroy you.

Turn your back on drugs – it offers relief only for a fleeting moment.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.

Forgive the past because you can’t change it, but you can act on the present.

Be kind to yourself; you would be surprised at some of the actions of others.

Build one step at a time, chew small mouthfuls, this way, you would not be easily overwhelmed.

Manage your health by curbing the negative aspects of your life. Treat your anger issues as you would treat an open wound. Care and keep it in check to prevent it from deteriorating.

Strengthen your weak areas. If you are shy, you should make a conscious effort to overcome your shyness because it can deprive you of so many important things.

Find your place of peace, where you can go to remove yourself from the problems beyond your control. Don’t rush to quit but don’t linger when your gut becomes doubtful.

Regrets only serve to keep you down. Learn to let regrets go. You were wrong then, but you can be right now. However bad it has been, it can get better – it depends on how you look at it.

All the above may sound like clichés but it does not make them less factual.

In summary, making 2019 a year to remember for good is a worthy goal for you.

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