Best Memes from Nigeria Social Media 2018

The internet can be a scary place, what with the fake news, the doomsday real news, the jobless trolls, and the busybody fans of celebrities, etc.

But the internet also contains hilarious memes as found on Nigeria social media in 2018. We have explained them a little.

(1) The incredulous “You-can-lie-for-Africa”.

This is for when you come across that obviously made-up story or blatant lie.

Example: When a faction of the Imo State All Progressives Congress party announced the result of its Governorship primaries with one candidate garnering more than two hundred and fifty thousand votes, while his closest rival collected just a little over six thousand votes.

Chai!!! Una can lie!!!

Best Memes Nigeria Social Media 2018

(4) This one is the “Na so una dey talk” aka “Heard it all before”.

It’s almost similar to the previous one. Specially reserved for politicians when they make those promises they have no intention of keeping.

Best Memes Nigeria Social Media 2018

(3) The “I can’t believe you are this stupid”

Used for that ridiculously senseless statement or point of view.

Best Memes Nigeria Social Media 2018
(Oga Kim abeg don’t come and nuke us o, this is just too hilarious to pass up!)

(2) The “this is so unbelievable” or “I never see this kain tin before”

This one is a personal favourite. I always wonder what the match officials could have done to the poor coach to elicit this reaction. Or was it his own players? Please teeeell me internet!

Reserved for the senseless murder, child-rape, etc. Also for when about to give up on humanity.

Best Memes Nigeria Social Media 2018

(1) The “e no concern me” aka “Not my business”.

It speaks for itself.

(Above GIF from:

Anytime you need cheering up, look no further than the above memes. And there’s plenty more where those came from.

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