Update Contents of First Aid Box

Update Contents First Aid BoxThe end of the year is a good opportunity to update the contents of your First Aid Box (or whatever collection of medicine you have).

This also applies to other consumables in the house. I am eyeing this bottle of Vinegar which has languished for four years on the shelf. I only use it to clean the catfish before it enters the pot for cooking and I’m thinking that it has served well enough and I should let the remaining contents go.

However, if I remember correctly, Google says that Vinegar has no expiration date. No, I am not going to research that information because each time I go to the internet, I forget what I want to do and start checking for shocking celebrity breakups 2018; Channing Tatum, why?!

Back to the vinegar; you’ve been there for me and my catfish soups, you (or the rest of you) are free to go.

So, check that paracetamol packet that you did not finish the last time you had a headache. Take a second look at the bottles of hydrogen peroxide, gentian violet, vitamins, supplements, canned foods, etc. If the expiration dates are very near, it’s best to discard them and replace with new ones that still have some months validity.

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