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Important Facts to Note

WAEC often repeats questions. They may rephrase it but it is still the same question, therefore, it has the same answer.

Look at these examples below from 1998 and 2023 WAEC Objective Paper.

By nature, armed robbers are ruthless. I have never seen a ....... one among them.  
A. humane  B. barbarous  C. ferocious  
D. mean   E. decent
No sooner had the priest finished preaching that people should be ......than the ruthless armed robbers struck.   
A. mild  B. element  
C. humane  D. tender

The answer to both questions is humane.

The same repetition occurs in the essays and letters section of Paper 2 as these examples from 2000 WAEC and 2023 WAEC show below.

Write a letter to the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency in your country complaining about the environmental pollution of your area and requesting urgent action be taken to improve the situation.   
Toilet facilities are terrible, sanitation is non-existent and communicable diseases have become rampant. Write a letter to the commissioner of health listing the causes of this terrible situation and their solutions.

Can you see the similarity in the two questions above? This means that the same points used to answer the question from the 2000 WAEC can also be used to answer that of 2023.

This is why revising questions from past examination years can be very helpful. This way, you will be prepared and confident because you have seen this before, and you know how to answer it as you have read a sample here.

WAEC English Questions and Answers

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